“Esteban made me feel so welcome, I was instantly at ease. He is so easygoing, and has a way of making a novice feel wonderful. Esteban is always fun and every dance lesson makes me feel so joyful. Thank you Esteban for helping me find the joy of dancing. I will never regret this choice and if you are thinking of learning to ballroom dance, this is the guy!!”

– Sylvia B. Irvine, CA.

Mostly wonderful vibes coming from this place! Several people in the group made Yani and I feel like we had been a part of the group much longer than the actual two days that we have been affiliated with them. Thank you all for a wonderful time! We look forward to hanging out with you again, soon! Great performance, Esteban!!

– Tim Dowell
Fantastic Salsa class for all beginners!! I started taking Esteban’s lessons with zero Salsa experience. It’s been 4 months and guess what, I can dance now!! Of course I am not a fabulous dancer yet, but enough to enjoy a dance party. Classmates are also amazing, you can come by yourself and have no problem finding a partner to dance.
– Moé Daddario

Fun Salsa Class in Costa Mesa

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Fun Salsa Class in Costa Mesa

Hi Everyone! This is a sample video of what we have going on every Thursday night. Here, me and Eva, are teaching the Intermediate level Salsa Class in Costa Mesa, where we teach fun and simple moves. With Salsa becoming more popular, you can’t miss to learn new moves and enjoy these  Salsa classes in Costa Mesa.

This move is teaching a men’ s half turn, with over the man’s head hand decorations, into a double spin for the lady with cross body leads with inside turns into free spins. Fun!

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